June 15, 2011

When To Consider Increasing Your Auto Insurance Coverage

There are a few times in life when you may stop to consider the importance of increasing your auto insurance coverage and what this could mean for you. If you have been paying for the same policy year after year, you may have even forgotten what your exact coverage is. Take the time to sit down and evaluate your situation now to decide on more.

Most standard auto insurance policies may include increased auto coverage, direct compensation for auto damage, third party liability, and statutory accident benefits. Your policy may also cover for collision and comprehensive coverage. While these may seem like adequate policies, they do not cover the huge expenses of medical and rehabilitation during long stays at a hospital or outpatient care. By paying a few more extra dollars, you can have increased auto insurance and be protected from large doctor or hospital fees later on if you were ever in an accident.

Auto insurance rates are becoming more affordable every day. If your present contract is coming to a close and you are looking to renew with more protection, you can spend a few minutes researching various insurance companies online and see what each company has to offer. Many policies now take into consideration coverage for an income replacement benefit which would allow you to still receive up to $1,000 a week in the event of an accident and you could not go to work. An increase in your coverage would also allow you to receive more for dependent coverage of up to $150 per week or in the severe case of death, a better policy would give you or your spouse a $50,000 lump sum with $20,000 to eligible dependents and up to $8,000 for funeral costs.

While every company may differ in what they offer for their auto insurance rates, you can be sure that increased auto coverage will allow you to cope a lot better if and when you or your family is ever in an accident. Be sure to write down a list of everything you would like to have covered and then speak to your insurance agent to see what can be negotiated for the best rate and coverage for you and your loved ones. Spending a little more money every month that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars at the time of an accident is more than worth the extra cost. When you are in an accident, neither you nor your loved ones should have to worry about how you are going to pay the bills without losing things such as your home, car or life savings. Know when to increase your auto insurance coverage.