June 13, 2011

When To Use A Broker To Find Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance is a major expense for many households, and in order to get a less expensive policy, many drivers use the services of an insurance broker. An insurance broker is a state-licensed individual who works with a driver to find an appropriate policy, hopefully with a low price. Insurance brokers–also known as agents–may work for a single insurance provider or several insurance providers. They can offer great rates and exceptional coverage to a driver, particularly when an insurance broker has experience in finding insurance discounts. They can also simplify complex insurance arrangements, which makes bill paying much easier. Before using an insurance broker, however, drivers should consider whether or not the services of this type of individual are necessary and should know how to find a trustworthy broker that can provide relevant assistance.

There are several key situations where the services of an insurance broker would be helpful. Drivers should use an insurance broker whenever dealing with a complex insurance situation. For instance, if a driver needs an auto insurance policy to cover several members of a family or if a driver needs to balance a private car insurance policy with a commercial car insurance policy, a broker may be able to find special discounts and can recommend coverage types and limits that are appropriate for the driver. Insurance brokers are also essential when a driver is also buying several other types of insurance and the broker has multiple specializations. Most insurance brokers specialize in multiple types of insurance. If a broker offers life insurance, homeowner's insurance and car insurance and the driver is interested in two or or all three of these offerings, the broker will likely be able to get the driver a much lower rate than what the driver could get by trying to find insurance on his or her own.

For the best assistance, drivers should look for a non-exclusive car insurance broker. Non-exclusive brokers work with several insurance providers rather than a single company. Their loyalty is to their customers rather than their insurance providers, and they're usually much more effective at finding low-cost policies with significant amounts of coverage. Non-exclusive car insurance brokers are gradually becoming more common, as automobile insurance comparison websites have made the car insurance market more competitive and exclusive agents are less helpful to modern drivers. Exclusive brokers can still be helpful, particularly when a driver is looking for help in understanding insurance contracts or when choosing coverage levels on an automobile insurance policy.

It's always helpful to check for insurance rates online before using a broker and to regularly check insurance offerings from online providers.