July 17, 2010

When You Can Legally Drive After Buying New Car Insurance

Concerns over possessing adequate insurance and being legal need not be a hassle. Virtually all insurance companies will be extremely helpful and quick in providing auto insurance quotes. Purchasing a new vehicle is often stressful enough but, fortunately, there are only a few points one must consider when acquiring new car insurance.

One thing to consider is that insurance quotes depend greatly upon the type of vehicle and the driver's driving history. Insurance is a numbers game and huge amounts of data are crunched to come up with rates. It does pay to ask for quotes from several companies because the computing algorithms are unique to each company and it is common for you to receive different quotes for identical coverage. Concerning personal driving history, the primary factors are age, gender and any points on your license from moving violations or past collisions. Attending a defensive driving class can usually lower your rates, so that is something to consider. Auto insurance quotes do vary, sometimes dramatically between companies, so do your research. Having existing policies with a company often leads to discounts too.

If you know what car you are going to buy you can actually receive coverage before signing the final papers. You will need the vehicle's VIN number and your own personal information (name, date of birth, address and the other usual suspects required when filling out practically any form). States have different standards of what they consider to be minimum coverage and the state where the vehicle is registered will determine which guidelines must be followed.

After you have selected coverage appropriate to your needs, some companies will require a down payment so be prepared for that expense. New car insurance can be activated almost immediately after settling the necessary questions over the phone with an agent. The insurance company can then send an email or fax the temporary insurance cards to you. From start to finish, the entire process can take less than twenty minutes. All that is needed is access to a printer and you can then legally drive.

Dealerships are eager to make a sale and they might offer their own insurance in an attempt to make things easier for the customer. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but be wary. Dealerships also offer their own banks to do financing on cars and interest rates are usually not as competitive as if you walk into the dealership with your own financing. The same applies to insurance.

Buying insurance is a quick process and can be done in a single phone call.