November 22, 2010

Why Auto Insurance Agents Often Value Older Drivers

The price of auto insurance is based on a number of factors - from the type of car driven to the way in which it is operated on the road. In addition, things like age, gender and past insurance history all factor in to create the ultimate quote price that a client will receive from an insurance company. One of the most important determining factors used by an insurance company and valued by insurance agents is the age of the driver. Older drivers tend to receive far greater benefits than young drivers, and on a whole host of coverage options. While there are a number of reasons for this, there are several that stand out as being the most prominent.

First and foremost is that older drivers have a track record from which the insurance company can deduce and predict their driving patterns. An older driver with a terrible record of traffic violations and accidents will be given a very large quote for auto insurance services must as a young man with no driving record would be. However, a middle-aged woman with a spotless driving record would be offered a significantly lower rate, as she would have demonstrated a pattern of reasonableness and good judgment over the course of her years on the road. A new driver with no history, even if they have taken a defensive driving or training course, still represents an unknown to a company or agent, which results in a higher rate.

Agents also value older drivers because they are more reliable in general, even outside the arena of the road. Older drivers pay for their own insurance, and most hold steady jobs with reliable paychecks. This means that insurance coverage rarely if ever lapses. In addition, older drivers tend to drive more moderate vehicles such as sedans and minivans which are safer and less prone to speed-related accidents. This, in combination with the driving abilities of older drivers, means that not only are they offered better rates, but they will often be treated better by agents and companies alike.

Certainly, this seems unfair for the young driver, but statistics have shown that young males are far and away the leading cause of collisions. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation can prepare young drivers for the "real world," and only time and experience can cure them of the risk they represent to insurance companies. For older drivers, it is important not to rest on the laurels of a good driving record, but instead continue to practice good road safety in order to continue to receive great rates from insurance companies, and to continue to enjoy their preferred status among agents and brokers alike.