August 22, 2011

Why Car Insurance Companies Use Their Own Appraisers To Assess Vehicle Damage

People buy car insurance to stay legal on the road and to gain financial protection while driving. Car insurance gets involved when drivers are involved in collisions while on the road. Insurance coverage is very important to drivers because repairing a car after a collision can get very expensive, and some cars are totaled in accidents. When drivers are involved in accidents, the insurance companies need to know how much to pay out to everyone for repairs. Car insurance appraisers are sent out to determine the cost for repairs to each vehicle. Assessing vehicle damage can be done at an auto shop, but insurance companies prefer sending their own representatives to the scene instead.

When people are involved in car accidents, damage is inevitable. All but the lowest speed collisions produce damage for which most people make insurance claims. People make claims to cover damages and medical bills that come from accidents, and before the insurance companies send out any money, they have to send someone to see how much damage was done to the car. This does not have to be done for medical expenses, because doctors handle that. Assessing vehicle damage is a process that involves analyzing the damage that came from a collision and comparing the average price to fix those damages in your area.

When the cost is determined, the insurance companies have an amount that they know is reasonable to send out to their policyholders. The car insurance appraisers are employees of the car insurance companies and they are looking to provide a fair estimate to the people and the companies to get the best deal for everyone. They come out to see the damage done to a vehicle after an accident and usually have a copy of an accident report with them. The accident report tells them where the cars collided, and that lets them know where the majority of the damage should be. Once they determine all of the damage caused in the accident, they make an estimate that is usually based on three or more repair shops' cost for repairing your vehicle. This number is then submitted to the insurance company, and that amount will be paid for repairs on your behalf.

These appraisers are sent out to make sure the car insurance claims process stays honest. They average prices in the area to make sure you get enough money to cover the damages and make sure that the insurance company is not taken advantage of financially. They also make sure that the damages they are paying for came from the collision to avoid false insurance claims. Assessing vehicle damage is left up to appraisers to keep the process running smoothly.