August 9, 2011

Why Customer Service Is Now A Top Priority For Auto Insurance Companies

When shopping for new auto insurance coverage, customer service is very important. Drivers have to deal directly with a customer service department to change their coverage options, submit a claim, or for general inquiries, and as a result, good customer service is one of the first things that policy holders look for in an insurance provider. However, great customer service has become even more important in recent years.

There are a few reasons for this, but competition is undoubtedly the most important factor. In the past decade, the Internet has driven the insurance market, providing an easy way for drivers to find new auto insurance coverage in a matter of seconds. Every major car insurance companies offers web quotes, and as these quotes are easy to find, drivers spend more time looking at policy prices and comparing coverage. Very few drivers choose the first policies that they see. The cost of the average auto insurance policy has dropped due to this type of competition and insurers have looked into add-on coverage types and discounts that they can offer their customers.

As the insurance industry has become more competitive, word of mouth has become crucial in driving new business and in preventing customers from switching their insurance plans. The happier a customer is, the less likely he or she is to look for new auto insurance coverage, so insurance companies will almost immediately see a major return on any investment in customer service. Car insurance providers also know that dissatisfied customers are the most likely to switch, so they specifically target the customers of other insurers with poor customer service ratings. Some car insurance companies even organize direct mail and phone campaigns specifically aimed at the customers of high-cost, low coverage providers–it's the safest way to find new business. Of course, these customers will only switch if customer service is good and rates are low, so insurance companies do whatever they can to improve word of mouth and to make it easy for customers to decide when to switch.

Car insurance companies have made customer service a top priority, and for customers, this is certainly a good trend. More coverage options are available than ever before, with numerous discount programs available from major insurance companies that decrease rates significantly. Customer service departments have become exceptional at responding to complaints and claims. Even so, drivers should take a few minutes to evaluate the customer service of an insurance provider before selecting a policy to ensure the best possible experience. Auto insurance coverage can seem complex, but when an insurer has a great customer service rating, it's much easier to get more from a policy.