December 17, 2011

Why Rental Vehicle Insurance Can Be A Useful Add On

Car insurance helps drivers stay safe and protected on the road. This type of insurance coverage helps people pay bills after a car accident. One type of car insurance add on that can be particularly useful is rental vehicle insurance. This type of coverage can be added to a policy for people that rent cars. Teen drivers are some of the most expensive drivers to cover with an auto insurance policy. Many families rent cars when they are on vacation or when their car is getting repairs. Rental car coverage can be added to a policy so that it does not have to be purchased from the rental car company.

Rental vehicle insurance covers a variety of situations that can come about with a rental car. The first part of this insurance feature is the collision and personal loss section. This protects the driver financially from a collision and other things like theft. Another very important part of this coverage is the bodily injury section which covers the people in the car medically. Medical expenses after a car crash can be expensive and people with rental insurance do not have to worry about paying medical bills after a collision in a rental car. These coverage details are not available on a standard car insurance policy while a rental car is being used.

Another part of rental vehicle insurance is the liability coverage. This is the most standard form of car insurance coverage and is particularly beneficial to teen drivers. Liability coverage handles property damage and medical expenses when a driver causes an accident. Property damage and medical expenses can add up after a collision and the insurance can help out. This form of coverage is often combined with normal car insurance to make up all of the bills associated with collisions. Rental insurance also can have other options and extras that help out drivers.

Many insurance companies offer roadside service on rental vehicles so the driver does not have to pay for things like towing services. This part of coverage also commonly covers fixing a flat tire and jump starting the vehicle if the battery dies. Getting keys out of a locked car can also be taken care of by some rental vehicle insurance policies. Like any insurance policy this coverage has exclusions that can nullify the coverage. Criminal actions and racing are not covered by car insurance policies. Insurance companies often let drivers add a rental car to their policy temporarily to cover the duration of the rental. This helps drivers cut costs of adding rental insurance when taking trips or using a rental car for business. Anyone who rents a car can benefit from adding rental vehicle insurance.