November 24, 2010

Why Some Drivers Should Not Buy Roadside Assistance

There are add on auto insurance programs available through most car insurance policies. One of the most popular ones is roadside assistance. There are reasons why some drivers should not buy roadside assistance as an add on auto insurance policy that most people don't think about.

If someone has just purchased a new car through a dealership, then they probably have roadside assistance already as part of a package deal. They should not purchase add on auto insurance for this particular type because they would just be double purchasing something with no added benefits. In most cases, it's best to just keep the freebie given with the car purchase, being sure to note when the roadside assistance runs out. For some, it might be after a set period of time or after a certain mileage point.

Another reason to not buy roadside assistance is if someone is already part of an auto club. Some people don't realize that auto clubs offer a certain amount of roadside assistance that is more than sufficient for time periods involved with membership. Roadside assistance is not needed regularly by most people, and is one of those just in case type of add on auto insurance policies. If someone is a member of an auto club, than they probably already have this protection.

A major factor in not purchasing roadside assistance is if it only covers the vehicle in question and not the person. Many people have more than one vehicle or share rides with others. If someone is stranded somewhere other than their car, then roadside assistance won't do them much good. A good roadside assistance program will protect someone no matter whose vehicle they are in.

A final reason is if there is a long turnaround time for a service call. This is one thing that people often forget to ask when getting an add on auto insurance policy. If a company is offering roadside assistance but the wait time is not guaranteed, then there isn't much point of having protection. People might have to wait for hours to save a few dollars, when they can just call a local towing company and get on with their lives. Time is money in this world, and if a roadside assistance program can't give a fast turnaround, it's best for a client to not purchase it.

Some drivers should not buy roadside assistance if one of these situations applies to them. Roadside assistance can be a terrific add on auto insurance policy, but only if it benefits the driver. Every person's situation should be looked at individually to see if it is a wise purchase.