January 11, 2011

Why To Speak To Your Car Insurance Agent

Many car insurance policyholders understandably have questions about why they would ever need to speak to their car insurance agent. There is so much information available online via the internet, and most car insurance policy information is readily accessible via online searches or logging in to the member's area of the car insurance website, but yet there are times when specific questions about the car insurance policy cannot be answered by accessing the internet. Customer prospects who are shopping to change a policy or purchase a new policy may be unfamiliar with policy terms or unsure about which policy is the best one for their area of residence, or other questions a new policyholder often has. In these and many more cases, there are clear reasons why it is a smart decision to speak to your car insurance agent.

One reason why it is a smart decision to speak to your car insurance agent is when it is time to purchase a new policy or renew an existing policy. Since the information available online is often intended for general information only, it may be difficult to determine from just searching online what specific policy recommendations the carrier has for your geographic area. Furthermore, the internet price quote forms provided on most carrier's websites are intended for sample quotes only, and the actual car insurance application forms are often more complicated and unfamiliar to some new customers. This is when it can be a great time to speak to your car insurance agent, which can be accomplished by simply calling the customer service number listed on the carrier's website if you don't have an existing agent, or by calling and asking for a referral to a local licensed insurance agent for that carrier who can meet with you over the phone or in person.

Another reason why it is a smart decision to speak to your car insurance agent is when there is a change to an existing policy - for instance, adding another vehicle, adding another driver, moving to a different location, changing vehicles or travel patterns. Often these changes can impact the cost of the car insurance policy and without speaking with your car insurance agent these changes are not reflected in your policy, which can have an impact should there be a future need to file a claim. Making sure that any relevant changes to either state car insurance legal limits or personal driver or vehicle changes are reflected in your car insurance policy safeguards the entire family should a claim be filed. Knowing when to speak with your car insurance agent safeguards every driver's safety.