January 16, 2011

Why You Should Not Switch Auto Insurance Providers Very Often

Auto insurance providers are many and varied - the advent of Internet quoting options has meant a significant increase in the number of companies that are now offering car insurance in the United States. These providers come in all shapes and sizes and offer service levels that are vastly different based on premium cost, state they are offered in and the type of vehicle that is being insured, and for a new generation of savvy customers, there is a real temptation to switch providers as soon as an issue arises in order to ensure that the best service for their dollar is found. But while there are cases in which such a switch is justified and reasonable, there are also issues that customers can run into with auto insurance providers should they choose to switch providers too often.

The most common reason to switch providers is if a current insurance company is treating a customer badly either by not returning their calls and emails, or has increased their premiums a significant amount after an accident or traffic violation. In these cases, consumers are rightfully looking to find a new provider that can offer a range of better options and that will treat them with more respect. While this change is often necessary and beneficial, customers must take care not to switch too often or risk the new quotes they get being just as bad or worse than the ones that are currently being offered.

One of the main reasons for customers not to switch companies often is because insurance providers will often ask about a client's insurance history. While this information cannot be used to reject a customer, it will be used to inform decisions about policy costs and coverage options, and a company will be very concerned if they see that a customer has had three or four providers in the last year. Even if the client assures the company that they are an excellent driver with a clean record, this jumping from provider to provider will indicate a potential risk to a company and they will be leery about granting a policy of any kind, especially at a discount.

This is not to say that consumers should be afraid to switch providers; sometimes it is necessary for a client to do so in order to avoid being taken advantage of. Instead, clients must simply be careful when it comes to switching and consider all of their options before officially making a switch. By being careful and considerate, clients can find the best deals on car insurance and make a switch without sacrificing the cost of their current car insurance premiums.