October 31, 2009

World’s Most Expensive Cars: Lamborghini Reventon

Inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, the Lamborghini Reventon is an expensive car that costs almost as much as the jet itself. With a price tag of $2.5 million, owning a Reventon means you are one of the 20 select people in the world who flies when they drive – 11 of which are in the United States. This limited edition masterpiece is unrivalled in price, craftsmanship and performance – justification for the high cost.

President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, S.P.A Stephann Winkelmann states, The Reventon is the most extreme car in the history of the brand – it unites superior performance with the sensual fascination of open-top driving.’ Indeed it does. The breathtaking design is formidable in its appeal. The engine hood is made of glass laminate with carbon fiber ventilation slits that not only give the engine more cooling power, but allow the observer a glimpse into the massive 6.5 liter V12 engine. The robotic gearbox ensures each shift is faster and cleaner. Just the slightest thrust on the accelerator sends the driver from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. This thrust is also one of the reasons you will also pay a premium price in auto insurance. If you have a fear of flying and high auto insurance rates, you might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel.

The interior of the Reventon evokes the feel of an expensive low-seated fighter jet cockpit – a very lux cockpit that is! The interior is an opulent mixture of black or brown leather, Alcantara, aluminum and carbon fiber. But, the instrument panel is the dazzler. The panel is like a virtual control tower with two distinctive display modes housed in a solid aluminum block. By the simple push of a button, the driver can switch from the standard circular instrument panel to the futuristic liquid crystal display. One of the displays is a G-Force Meter, which works to measure dynamic drive force, longitudinal acceleration during acceleration and braking and transversal acceleration around corners. These forces are indicated on a 3-D grid.

There is only one color option for the Lamborghini Reventon – matte gray. This mid-opaque gray was exclusively designed for the world’s most expensive car to reflect light in a depth-defining way. Anointed ‘Reventon Gray,’ the color was created using matte gray paint imbued with special metal particles. The effect in the sunlight is like observing the wing of a jet from the window seat. Speaking of wings, they are incorporated not just in the design, but also in small touches throughout the car. From the wings on the wheels to the wing vision of the car doors opening, your imagination and senses will take flight in a Lamborghini Reventon.