March 30, 2010

How Young Drivers Can Afford Good Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance quotes are one of the major costs of owning a vehicle for all drivers, but young drivers have it especially rough. Auto insurance coverage costs far more for drivers under 25, and even if they drive as safely as possible, it can take years for car insurance premiums to drop to a reasonable level. However, drivers that actually look for ways to lower their costs may be surprised at the wide variety of insurance programs and techniques for locking in a low-cost auto insurance quote.

For starters, many insurance companies offer good student’ discounts to any college or high school drivers that can maintain a certain GPA. It works as a great incentive to keep your grades up, and it makes sense from the insurance company’s perspective, since good students tend to drive more carefully. You’ll usually have to fax in a copy of your report card at regular intervals, but if you are already a good student, there is no reason not to apply for this discount. Many insurance companies offer other types of discounts that aren’t age-specific, such as discounts for anti-theft devices and discounts for drivers that elect to take defensive driving courses. If your auto insurance premium is exceptionally high, you should contact your insurance agent to see what programs are available.

It should go without saying that safer vehicles cost less to insure, but even so, many drivers don’t look at safety ratings when picking out a vehicle. Young drivers should use online insurance quote tools to look at the varying rates for different vehicles before making a purchase; remember, safer vehicles often cost less at the lot, too, so it makes sense to avoid a flashy car in favor of a safe vehicle, at least for the first few years of your driving career. While you’re online, be sure to look at as many insurance quotes as you can find, as this will help you to understand some of the factors that insurers use when deciding rates, and you’ll be able to compare policies to find an affordable premium.

Above all, young drivers should be especially careful during their first few years on the road. Nothing helps your insurance costs more than a good record, so keep your attention on the road. Be aware of your state’s laws, and avoid any distractions while you drive–especially from cell phones and iPods. In fact, using these devices while driving is against the law in many states, so to avoid a ticket, stay alert. If you’re careful and you shop around for car insurance premiums, you will lock in an affordable rate that you can keep for years.