March 9, 2010

3 Car Insurance Discounts That Policy Holders Don’t Use Nearly Enough

There are several auto insurance discounts available on the market. Unfortunately, policyholders do not utilize or implement these discounts effectively. It is essential to look for auto insurance quotes at discounted rates. This can help modify an existing policy, or be a cost-effective solution for a new one. One discount offered is full property coverage. When you insure your home, apartment, or condo with a service provider, you can receive substantial auto insurance discounts. You should speak to your insurance agent about consolidating insurance coverage. This will not only centralize your payments, but keep all of your valuable possessions under one insurance umbrella.

You can greatly reduce your auto insurance premiums by combining policies. When searching for auto insurance quotes, check to see if multiple property coverage is offered. Another discount that policyholders hardly use is defensive driving. You can reap the benefits of completing an accident prevention course. Some providers offer up to a 10% discount, sometimes more. You can take this course at your convenience, and do not need a Judge’s approval. In other words, you don’t have to be involved in an accident in order to qualify. There are several online defensive driving courses that will meet your needs. Upon successful completion of the course, simply submit the certification to your agent for review. Your state’s transportation department, of course, should also approve the test.

This is the perfect way to lower your auto insurance premiums. If you are looking to replace a current policy, this information is available at many sites. Car insurance quotes will also offer market comparisons and discounted rates. It is important to see which discounts or promotional offers can best assist you. There are discounts for the entire family as well. Another discount offered is via anti-theft installations. When you install anti-theft devices, you are highly securing your vehicle. Depending on the devices, you can also receive discounts and save money. From wheel locks to digital alarm systems, your insurance premium can significantly decrease. Another factor in lowering your premiums is simply where you park. Parking in a garage with 24/7 security, this too can help lower your auto insurance costs.

There are countless other discounts that are also available. In today’s economic climate, you need insurance discounts more than ever. All it takes is a little bit of searching to find and apply these savings measures. From car insurance quotes to coverage enhancements, there is a wide array of amenities currently available. Statistics show that policyholders either do not know, or do not have time to tap into these savings. This is unfortunate, as it can lead to a great deal of savings for you and your loved ones.