March 6, 2010

Which Safety Features In Your Car Lower Your Auto Insurance Quote

There are several car safety features that can lower your auto insurance quote. These features include airbags, head protection, seat belts, and other components. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency, NHTSA, conducts crash tests every year to determine vehicle protection. If your vehicle meets these requirements, you can truly save on auto insurance coverage. It also projects how your car will perform in the event of an accident. This includes frontal and side collisions, along with minor fender benders. With stringent requirements, car safety features will significantly lower your auto insurance. This enables a high threshold to accident damage, while certifying that your car meets all safety regulations.

As you search for a low auto insurance quote, a good vehicle safety rating is a must. Not only will you be able to tap into lower rates, your car will also pass yearly inspections. One safety feature that is often overlooked is the size and weight of your vehicle. The NHTSA recommends a heavier vehicle to ensure maximum safety. Although accidents can occur at any time, the size, weight class, and structure of your car can counter accident damage. This is not to say that heavier cars can withstand any damage, but they do fare better than lighter cars. The accident survival rate is greater with a bigger vehicle, and it also qualifies for significant auto insurance savings. The key is to maintain your vehicle safety features, as they can protect you and your loved ones from serious injury. This is especially true for two-car collisions.

The implementations of airbags and head protection are mandatory features. These must have components can lower your car insurance quotes, while saving countless lives. Over 10,000 drivers were saved by airbags in 2003. This number has steadily increased over the years, with the side air bags also making a huge difference. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reported a drop of car related deaths by 45%. Although this statistic was based in 2003, the number of lives saved due to airbags and head protection has dramatically increased. As a main safety feature, the seat belt has also contributed to saving lives and lowering insurance rates. According to the Department of Transportation, seat belts save over 15,000 lives a year.

All these features are key elements in lowering auto insurance quotes. In addition to driving records, a service provider can also base insurance coverage on your vehicle’s safety rating. This is why it’s paramount to keep your car up to date with safety enhancements and regular servicing. You can also receive insurance discounts on factory-installed safety features. It is best to speak to a trusted provider who can facilitate this information for you.