July 26, 2010

3 Tips For Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes For Teens

Finding auto insurance quotes for teen drivers can seem intimidating. Parents and guardians usually have many factors to consider in choosing a policy for their teen. Teens can be considered risky to insure by some companies. Some parents are unsure whether they should insure a child under their own policy or if they should purchase a separate, independent policy for their child Parents may be worried that finding a fair auto insurance quote for a teenage driver is next to impossible. Fortunately, there are many things you and your teen can do to lower insurance rates. Here are three tips to make shopping for auto insurance quotes a more reasonable and less anxiety producing task.

For one, shopping online may be one of the best ways for you to compare auto insurance quotes for your teen driver. Shopping online offers you the opportunity to look at different rates from different companies and compare them immediately, with all of the information right in front of you. You can also compare rates from a single company online by submitting different but pertinent information for each option you are looking for; for example, you may be trying to choose between getting your teen their own policy or putting your teenage driver on your own policy. Submitting information online can help you get the pertinent rates in a form that is easy to understand.

Second, when comparing auto insurance quotes for teens, you will want to see if the companies you are looking at provide special programs for teens. For example, many insurance companies will lower an auto insurance quote-and therefore rates-for teens who excel in school and get good grades. Many insurance companies also offer discounts for teenagers who take or who have taken a driver's education class, so enrolling your teen in a class will not only help them be a more responsible driver, but may also lower their insurance rates. Having your teen take a no-alcohol pledge may also lower their insurance premiums.

Third, when comparing auto insurance quotes for teens, you may want to see what kind of a difference assigning different family cars can make. In other words, insurance companies are more likely to lower rates for teenagers who are driving cars that are considered safer and more reliable. This is because these cars are less likely to sustain a lot of damage in an auto accident, and are therefore less expensive for a company to insure.

Following these tips for discounts can help you and your teen save time and money. Teen driving may make a parent anxious, but finding an auto insurance quote can be simple and straightforward.