September 15, 2010

4 Tips For Buying Car Insurance With A Spouse

When buying car insurance with a spouse you should be aware of the different ways to get a break on your car insurance because of your marital status. Married auto insurance discounts are out there, but there are also situations in which you could save money on your car insurance because you are married and don't need certain coverage options. To get car insurance with your spouse you should consider the following four options to make your car insurance a little bit cheaper than average.

First, consider rental coverage and if it is completely appropriate and necessary in your case. If you and your spouse both work and work near each other, would it be possible if you didn't have your vehicle for a few days if you could carpool to work together? Rental insurance doesn't cost a lot of money, but could be a way to save on married auto insurance options.

Second, is it possible that carpooling to work could be a regular thing for you and your spouse every day? Car insurance companies consider how many miles you drive every day as part of the equation when offering you car insurance quotes. The more you drive the more open you are to the risk of being involved in an accident. Splitting your drive time in half with married auto insurance coverage could save you a lot of money.

Third, make sure that when you are signing up for your car insurance with your spouse that you are answering a question about being married. Some car insurance companies don't ask this question and are therefore not giving you a married auto insurance discount. Most companies give this discount and you will need all of the discounts that you can get.

Fourth, if it is possible that you could survive on one vehicle for a little while if you had to after a car accident, consider getting higher deductibles on one or both vehicles. The higher the deductible the cheaper the coverage will be on your vehicles and that is more money in the bank for you and your spouse.

Married auto insurance options are out there because of the ability to be more flexible in some cases than if you bought car insurance without a spouse. Being aware of the fact that you don't need some of the same coverage options that you needed when you were single can save you some money you didn't expect to save. Make sure to consider all of the options when you sign up for car insurance with your spouse, it could save you a substantial amount of money.