September 16, 2010

Why Students Pay More For Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance coverage is not cheap for any age group, but student auto insurance usually leads the way in terms of how expensive it is to maintain insurance. The older you get and further away from school you get the more the cost starts to go down and you become able to get better quotes across the board. This is not a good thing for many students as money is already hard to come by without having to pay more than anyone else driving on the road with them.

The reason that student auto insurance costs so much more than other age groups auto insurance coverage is that students are viewed as being more reckless. This is a general perception that is backed up by facts, even though it may be the minority that makes this a problem for all student drivers. The fact that students are statistically more likely to get into accidents due to reckless or distracted driving is reflected in the higher than average car insurance rates for young drivers.

In addition to the fact that the driver that is being insured is generally viewed as being more reckless, insurance companies also consider who they are on the road with the most. In parking lots, leaving school and going places with friends students are usually on the road with other students the most. When you are in that atmosphere you are in a more dangerous predicament than most drivers on a regular basis. Insurance companies offer quotes based on risk and this increases your risk of being in an accident substantially.

When students get auto insurance coverage it is sometimes possible to get it at a discounted rate if the student goes through a school-sponsored program. Some schools have programs that make deals with car insurance companies to offer better rates in exchange for new car insurance policies being written. Other school programs are able to release information about grades to insurance companies and better rates are given to better students. In most cases, better students are better drivers simply because of their focus.

Student auto insurance is generally more expensive than other types of auto insurance coverage for a reason, students usually cost car insurance companies more money. More money is spent on car accidents for student drivers and student drivers are the cause of more accidents than other age groups on the road. This isn't a long term problem for students as you will start to see your car insurance rates drop as you get older. The better your track record is as a driver the more money you will save.