October 16, 2011

Auto Insurance And Hit And Runs

Auto insurance can be a big help to people when they are involved in a collision. In the United States, car crashes happen every day and it is important to understand what a policy covers. One of the things many drivers want covered on their car insurance policy is hit and runs. A hit and run is when a driver causes a collision with a vehicle and then leaves the scene of the accident. This can be done while the driver is in the car or while the car is parked and unattended. An accident like this can leave a driver paying a lot of money for repairs on his car when he did nothing to cause the damage.

Sometimes when a driver is out on the road he can be hit by another car and when that happens both drivers are supposed to file a police report to assess fault in the collision. The driver that is at fault is supposed to pay for the damages to the other vehicle. When a driver collides with another car and then leaves the scene of the accident without filing a police report or giving the other driver insurance information to make a claim, it is called a hit and run. Hit and runs are more common than many drivers may think and often the person that fled the scene is not found out, leaving the repair bill on the person who was hit.

Auto insurance policies deal with hit and run incidents on some levels of coverage and not others. The basic form of coverage that many drivers have to stay legal on the road is called liability coverage. Liability coverage only covers damage to another vehicle when that driver is at fault for the collision. This protection does not cover his car and it does not cover incidents like hit and runs. Drivers that want to have incidents like this covered need to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy. A comprehensive policy covers more things like damage to both cars when a driver causes an accident.

Hit and runs are dealt with a bit differently than other collisions because the other driver leaves without providing any information. Auto insurance policies usually handle this type of accident under no fault coverage or specific hit and run coverage.

It is important to know if this coverage is a part of an auto insurance policy or how to add it if it is not included. Speaking with an insurance agent that handles a policy can help a driver adjust options and see if they are covered in these different areas. Speak with an insurance agent about making changes to a policy.