October 17, 2011

5 Reasons To Request New Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance is a big part of life and a regular expense for drivers all over the country. Some drivers sign up for a policy and then leave it active while only taking action on it when they need to make a claim. A car insurance rate can adjust over time and other factors that affect prices can change from the time when the last quote was given. There are five big reasons to consider getting new auto insurance quotes whether it be online or over the phone.

People get older and age has a bearing on a car insurance rate. Driver prices for car insurance change as drivers get older. One of the biggest discounts in car insurance comes when a driver turns 25. This means that getting some auto insurance quotes at 25 can potentially reduce prices and save drivers a good deal of money.

Getting a new car can change the prices on car insurance. Different cars are billed at different rates because some cars cost more to repair than others. If a driver gets a new car, it may be cheaper to insure than the car they are replacing. Sports cars are billed higher than sedans and SUVs. An insurance company may not offer the best price for coverage on a new car and comparison shopping could lead to a better deal.

Being involved in an accident is a good reason to search for a new quote. Rates increase when people are involved in accidents and the current company may not provide the best prices anymore. When a driver is responsible for a collision, it is important to analyze the increase in insurance rates and see if there is a better deal to be found anywhere.

When a driver has been on a policy for a few years, it may be time to reassess pricing. A car costs less to insure when it is a few years old. New cars are the most expensive to insure because they will cost the most to replace when involved in a serious collision. Once the car has been around for a year or two, the insurance companies will not automatically adjust pricing. It is up to the driver to get new auto insurance quotes to keep prices down.

The last major reason to reassess a car insurance rate is when adding a driver to a plan. Parents tend to add their children to the policy when they reach driving age. People also add their spouses as secondary drivers so that everyone is covered while driving the car. These prices can vary from companies and it is important to get the best deal on coverage.