October 18, 2011

Reasons For SR22 Auto Insurance

Drivers can sometimes be confused about what SR22 auto insurance is. In large part, that is due to the several names it goes by. Sometimes it’s called SR22 auto insurance; sometimes an SR22 filing; and, other times, it’s known as obtaining an SR22 certificate. Surprisingly, an SR22 is not actually auto insurance. In reality, it is a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) form filed with the DMV by an insurance company stating that a driver has adequate vehicle liability insurance coverage for the state. Another source of confusion about the SR22 pertains to which drivers need to have it and whether needing one affects a driver’s auto insurance rate.

Reasons Drivers May Need the SR22

There are a number of reasons a driver may be required to have an SR22 form on file. Every state will have its own requirements for needing this form; however, in almost all driving while intoxicated, being cited for other serious moving violations or reckless driving will necessitate the driver needing an SR22. A citation for driving in the dark without lights on as well as driving without insurance or driving on a revoked or suspended license will also usually require this DMV form to be on file. Less common reasons to need SR22 auto insurance are failing to pay child support, getting too many tickets in a short time period or repeating the same offenses.

How an SR22 Affects a Driver’s Auto Insurance Rate

Most of the offenses that cause a state to impose a requirement for SR22 insurance are serious driving violations that, alone, cause a driver’s auto insurance rate to increase. By itself, needing an SR22 form does not affect insurance rates. However, driving records are checked prior to quoting the cost of any insurance, and the reason a driver needs an SR22 filed is what causes a higher auto insurance rate to be quoted. The only fee the driver pays for the SR22 certificate is a nominal filing fee charged by the insurance company; however, he may find his quoted insurance premium to be as much as double what he would pay with a clean driving record.

How to Get SR22 Auto Insurance

SR22 insurance is available from traditional insurance companies and online. Be sure to buy from a reputable company, compare the various SR22 policies available and pay special attention to the suspension and cancellation guidelines written into each policy. It is possible the insurance will be cheaper online because of a lack of fees and commissions.

SR22 auto insurance serves a purpose in making sure risky drivers have enough insurance. It may be expensive but it protects both the driver and potential accident victims.