September 5, 2011

Avoiding Costly Delays When Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Auto insurance claims are something that drivers want to avoid. Purchasing auto insurance is a necessity in order to have a vehicle on the road, but drivers do not want to be involved in an accident, much less go through what they perceive as the hassle of getting their claim approved by their insurance company. For many, the notion of making an auto insurance claim brings with it feelings of anxiety and concerns about the number of forms that will have to be filled out, or problems that could arise during the claims process. In order to avoid delays in the claims process, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind.

First and foremost, make sure to be upfront and honest with the insurance company about exactly what happened to necessitate the claim. If an accident occurred, be truthful about the cause, even if it was completely at-fault. Lying to an insurance company because of embarrassment or because of the desire to not have rates go up will most certainly delay an accident claim, and could potentially lead to fraud charges. Make sure to be honest from the beginning in dealings with both the insurance company and local law enforcement. Auto insurance companies take claims very seriously and employ adjustors with the knowledge to analyze accidents independently of statements made by drivers.

Next, ensure that a body shop is picked that meets the standards set out by the insurance provider. Some will have a list of body shops they recommend for repairs, but drivers are under no obligation to use any of these shops. Using a mechanic that is not properly certified or who does not have connections to the insurance company can mean delays in the processing of a claim, as in these cases the company will have to send out an adjustor in person to look at the vehicle. If a body shop that the insurance company knows and trusts is used, they will often take the work of the mechanic when it comes to damage observed.

Auto insurance claims can also be made more streamlined by keeping in contact with the company. With so many claims to process, it is possible to avoid delays simply by reminding the provider that a claim is being processed. Often, phone calls can help to speed up the process so long as the client is polite and respectful and is able to provide the necessary claim numbers.

It is in a client's best interest to make sure their vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible, and using these tips can help avoid delays in the process and get a car back on the road quickly.