September 4, 2011

Finding Cost-Effective Auto Insurance Quotes For Refurbished Vehicles

Auto insurance quotes are given out on a near-constant basis in the United States and come from a variety of sources - agents, online, and calls directly to insurance providers. In many cases, drivers can find insurance no matter the kind of vehicle they are looking to put on the road, but some will be easier to obtain affordable coverage for than others. Refurbished vehicles can be one of the more difficult types of automobiles to insure, thanks to the often unknown level of risk that the vehicles carry with them. While a driver can expect to may more for refurbished vehicle insurance than if they were to insurance a new car, there are a number of ways to lower the cost of these types of auto insurance quotes.

First, a driver needs to make sure that any refurbished vehicles they may have meet all necessary safety standards. In many cases, these vehicles will have been rebuilt by owners and drivers themselves, but an insurance company cannot take the word of the builder that their creation is sound in order to insure it while it is on the road. A mechanical inspection from a licensed mechanic will be necessary in order for any insurance company to consider allowing a refurbished vehicle on the highway with insurance. These inspections can sometimes be costly, but they are worth the price if they help obtain insurance and keep the vehicle safe on the road.

The other problem that an owner of a refurbished vehicle may face is that their insurance company may not know how to accurately assess the risk the vehicle represents. In order to combat this problem, the owner needs to be prepared with a history of the vehicle from a reputable source, so that the insurance company can see if the car has ever been in an accident or has ever been written off due to damage. In addition, it is a good idea to have a list of parts and the appraised value of the car after the refurbishing has been finished, as the vehicle will not meet stock specifications, and the insurance company will need to know how much coverage will be required in order to replace part or all of the vehicle if it is involved in an accident.

Although refurbished vehicles will always come with higher auto insurance quotes, this cost can be mitigated by first having a licensed mechanic inspect the vehicle, and then by providing the insurance company with all relevant data about the history of the car as well as any parts that went into remaking it. This can help lower the overall cost of refurbished auto insurance.