December 3, 2009

Can Proper Winter Car Preparation Result In Auto Insurance Discounts

When looking for an auto insurance quote, you probably make a point to take advantage of every possible discount you can find – good driving, multiple car, safety features, etc. After all, you don’t want to pay a cent more for good auto insurance coverage than you had to. However, once you get your policy, is also helps to look at it every season to find seasonal discounts on your premiums. This is especially true in the winter, which is historically the worst season for driving – claims against auto insurance policies skyrocket during the icy season, and the number of accidents in colder climates climb as drivers hit the road in vehicles that are under prepared for winter driving conditions. Under many policies, you can get an auto insurance discount by taking a few simple steps to get your vehicle ready for the cold.

Many insurance companies will add a discount to your policy if you get regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance. This maintenance decreases the chances of a vehicle malfunction that would lead to an accident – ultimately leading to claims. Choosing tires that are well adapted to snow and ice can also be beneficial to your car insurance policy. The type of tires that you drive on can make an enormous difference, as many motorists in the northern United States already know. Insurance companies also know that the best way to avoid accidents in the winter is to drive more safely. You can refresh your winter driving skills by attending a defensive driving class, and most insurance companies have discounts available for drivers who attend these short, low cost (or free) sessions.

Some insurance companies don’t offer any sort of discount for smart drivers that winterize their vehicles. Most of the major companies have discounts, but it’s impossible to say whether your policy has built-in discounts without looking at your car insurance coverage. Contacting your car insurance agent is the best way to determine whether any sort of auto insurance discount is available when you take steps to winterize’ your vehicle. This may also be something you want to inquire about in your initial car insurance search, especially if you live in the northern U.S. that experiences lots of snow.

Regardless of whether a winterizing discount is available for you, you will at least know that you are taking the proper precautions to keep your passengers safe, and to help you avoid insurance claims due to winter accidents. Doing all these things will also help in the long term, because the less claims you make and the smarter you drive, the easier you will make it one yourself to get car insurance in the future.