December 4, 2009

Are Online Auto Insurance Quotes Better Than Those Given By Agents

Back before the Internet, the only way to go about getting auto insurance quotes was dealing directly with an insurance agent. Though this is still an option today, it’s one that comes with several elements you have to consider. For example, an agent may not have up-to-date software to give you the lowest rate possible. This may also make it harder for the agent to help you compare their company’s rates with that of other companies. And, while it is nice meeting with a person face-to-face, the agent you wish to meet with may be extremely busy and may require you to make an appointment. So, despite it all, is it better to meet with an agent, or are online quotes just as good?

Online insurance quotes consider many key questions that an agent might not. These questions open up the discussion for additional avenues of available discounts. Auto insurance quote questions may address age, the number of drivers in the household, driving habits and organization affiliations. Though, some questions may seem a bit personal or redundant, they are designed to uncover which car insurance policy is best. Answering each question accurately can result lower auto insurance premiums.

Many online comparison companies are also able to offer you a view of what many companies can offer you in terms of auto insurance rates. Sites that are not affiliated with a specific insurance company can lay out several different costs to you from a number of companies based off the questions you answer. This can assure you that you are getting the best price for your auto insurance, and that you aren’t overpaying by not getting your auto insurance policy through another company.

Working with an agent means the auto insurance quote must be handled when it is convenient for them. This may be during business hours or on weekends. It is also possible that if an insurance agent is working for a specific insurance company, he/she won’t offer you policies from another that would be of lower cost to you. If you are able to work around this, you may benefit from working directly with an agent as opposed to a computer. You will be able to ask clarifying questions of an agent that you might not be able to ask when getting a quote via computer. You may also be able to obtain great advice about how much coverage you need on your policy based on your specific scenario.

There are advantages and disadvantages to either method of finding auto insurance. More or less, it all depends on how important face-to-face interaction is to you and how quickly you need an auto insurance quote.