November 18, 2010

Consequences Of Driving Without Auto Insurance

With the development of an increasingly internet-based economy, customers can easily find auto insurance online. The policies and services rendered by these online auto insurance companies protect policy holders, not only from the financial woes of damage to property, but legal problems as well. Serious repercussions await people who drive without auto insurance. Individuals caught breaking the law without insurance coverage will face hefty charges. They may be required to pay large fines or even spend time in jail. Punishments may also include the loss of personal property. Individuals in accidents may ultimately have to pay for whatever damage they cause out of their own pockets.

People charged with moving violations will face heavy penalties if they are unable to produce proof of insurance. Say a person is stopped for speeding. Not only will he have to deal with the speeding ticket, but additional punishments as well. Punishments vary from state to state; but in some cases failure to produce proof of auto insurance can result in the seizure of one's automobile and tags. In other instances, a person is merely fined. Fines range from one hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. A person may face jail time if he is caught without auto insurance multiple times. These sorts of charges have long lasting effects. A person may have an insurance violation on his record for up to ten years.

Accidents put heavy penalties on people without insurance. In many cases, the offender will be stripped of his license. Even if he is not responsible for the accident, an individual without auto insurance will most likely lose his license. The duration of this penalty varies, but can last up to a year. If responsible for the accident, the faulty party will cover the damages done to the property involved. He will also be responsible for the medical bills of the victims. The financial strain could ultimately wipe out one's finances completely.

In the end, a person who has dropped his policy will find it much more difficult to receive coverage. Since many people lose their policies because of their inability to pay the monthly rates, companies consider these people unreliable, a financial liability. Thus a vicious cycle continues. Those without insurance have even greater difficulty in obtaining it and some continue to drive without coverage. This leads to heavier penalties and larger difficulties.

While the internet has allowed a large people group of people to access auto insurance online, many fail to receive coverage. Those who drive without auto insurance can often face heavy fines, jail time, and the loss of property and money. Thus driving without a license can seriously impact on one's well-being.