April 18, 2010

Deciding Whether A Car Alarm Will Help You Control The Cost Of Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance premiums are a big part of every driver’s budget, and although auto insurance companies often offer discounts, it is hard to keep costs down. Many drivers look for every possible way to get a low auto insurance quote, and one of the more popular techniques is by making a car less susceptible to theft via the installation of a car alarm. Most insurance companies will offer some type of discount for an alarm, as they drastically reduce the likelihood of auto theft, but before heading to your local custom auto shop for an installation, take a few minutes to consider whether an alarm could really help to get you the lowest auto insurance rates possible.

First of all, alarm discounts will only help your auto insurance premiums if you are paying for comprehensive coverage. This is the part of your policy that covers losses due to theft, acts of God, and other major claims, and if you are buying a car with a loan, you’re probably already paying for comprehensive coverage. However, if you own your car, you may not have comprehensive coverage on your policy. It is certainly worth adding, as you’re putting your vehicle at risk by driving without a comprehensive plan. Of course, adding any coverage will increase your auto insurance quote, but installing the alarm could alleviate some of the added costs.

The model of vehicle you drive and your driving habits will often affect the size of the car alarm discount that you receive. If you’re driving a vehicle in a safe area, you park in a covered garage, and your vehicle isn’t too susceptible to theft in the first place, adding an alarm probably won’t impact your policy very much. It might not lower your auto insurance costs enough to offset the price of the alarm and its installation. There are other anti-theft measures that you can take that won’t be as expensive, such as locking your garage and getting your vehicle’s VIN etched somewhere (if it’s not already on your car’s window or door).

If you’re looking for the lowest auto insurance prices possible, be sure to look at other types of discounts and do a bit of comparison shopping before you decide to install a car alarm. If you drive an expensive sports car, or if you are a city driver living in a high-theft area, they’re well worth the money, but the majority of drivers will see more of a cost benefit from a bit of negotiation with auto insurance companies. You’ll have to look at your own vehicle, habits, and policy to decide whether a car alarm is a worthwhile investment.