April 17, 2010

Finding Low Cost Non Owner Auto Insurance Quotes

A non-owner auto insurance policy covers borrowed and rented vehicles. This kind of policy will cover any damages that you cause to someone’s body or property while driving a vehicle that you borrowed from someone, and do not own. It does not cover damages to yourself and the vehicle you drive. If you crash someone’s car, the vehicle owner’s policy will pay out first. If his policy is not enough to cover the damages, your non-owner auto insurance policy will kick in. Keep in mind that you cannot add another driver to this kind of policy. Other drivers must purchase their own non-owner policies. You can secure an affordable non-owner auto insurance policy by obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes online or over the phone.

You can visit auto insurance quote websites online to obtain quotes. Some quote websites offer non-owner auto insurance policies. Complete the quote applications online and compare the information you receive. If you obtain a cheap auto insurance quote, you will not be obligated to make a purchase and you will not be charged to obtain the information. Quote websites will provide you with accurate prices in a few seconds and they will find you the best auto insurance premium around. Shopping online is the quickest way to find auto insurance premiums, so it is worthwhile.

Alternatively, you can call auto insurance companies to obtain quotes. Tell them you need a non-owner insurance policy. You will not have a problem finding an insurance company that offers a non-owner policy because every company offers these kinds of policies. Compare prices, terms, and conditions with each insurance company that you contact until you find the best deal. Keep in mind that the only type of insurance policy that you qualify for is liability because the vehicle you drive is not yours. You should shop around and compare prices with many insurance carriers until you find a cheap auto insurance quote.

Non-owner auto insurance premiums are affordable. Annual prices for these kinds of policies range from $300-$700. Keep in mind that if you rent vehicles when you travel, you are probably better off purchasing a non-owner insurance policy. Rental car companies usually charge more for their insurance policies. Also, keep in mind, if you purchase a vehicle in the future, you must purchase a traditional auto insurance policy. Non-owner insurance is not the type of policy that you need. After you obtain an auto insurance quote online or over the phone, review the details you are provided with. Make sure you understand what kind of insurance policy you are being offered before you make a purchase. If you have any questions about the insurance policy, contact a licensed agent.