September 9, 2009

Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Cover Your Child While Driving On The Job

Having auto insurance coverage for your whole family is a serious issue to consider. When a teen earns their driver’s license it can be very expensive to cover the cost of insurance on an inexperienced driver. One way many families opt to save is by allowing their new driver to use the family car, as opposed to buying them their own. In allowing your teenager to do this it is imperative that you make sure all the proper insurance coverage is met under your auto insurance policy. This is especially true if you are going to allow your teenage driver to take on a part-time job that requires them to drive around during their work hours.

Make sure to meet with your auto insurance carrier before allowing this so that they can go over your auto insurance policy with you and extend extra coverage where it’s needed. Your insurance provider might not be able to offer you any sort of coverage in this situation. In a case like this, you may have to shop around for a whole new auto insurance carrier and a whole new auto insurance policy. If you are unable to find an insurer who will not cover this sort of risk at all, you may end up taking out a commercial policy on your vehicle.

Most likely, your insurer will have to charge you a larger auto insurance premium to add a teenager using your car for a job. This is because the greater amount of drive time equals more opportunity for an accident, and therefore a greater risk for the insurance company. This rate increase is in addition to the higher cost associated with a young, inexperienced driver. The extra monthly fees are a small price to pay when you consider the peace of mind the necessary coverage will offer you. In addition, it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you go without reporting work-related driving being done by your teenager and they get into an accident, the damage expenses may not be covered by your policy at all.

The high cost of insuring your young driver should not be a reason to get them no coverage at all. There are ways to lower the auto insurance premiums. For example, you can often receive discounts on your auto insurance policy if your teen is on their school honor roll and has kept a clean driving record and legal history.

In order to find the best coverage options in this situation, the best route to take is to do your research thoroughly. Doing this will not only get you and your child the best coverage possible, but will also save you money.