September 10, 2009

Geico Donates Six Figures To Children’s National Medical Center

We all know how important insurance is. Whether it is auto insurance, home insurance or life insurance, making sure we are covered in the event of an emergency is critical. Just as critical, if not more so, is the work done at the Children's National Medical Center. When auto insurance agents at GEICO consider how important our auto insurance rate may be, they are also considering the importance of giving back to the community. In a true show of community and corporate cooperation, the auto insurance company has made a generous donation to the Children's National Medical Centre.

While GEICO is dedicated to providing competitive auto insurance rates to its customers, it is also acutely aware of the needs of the community. And, when it comes to the work at the Children's National Medical Center, that need comes in at the level of caring for sick children. The dedicated medical staff requires proper equipment and facilities in order to deliver the very best care. The recent six-figure donation that the auto insurance company made is a way to provide the center with the resources it needs to meet these and to keep the medical center on its feet. It is donations like the one GEICO made that keep the center's outreach to the community possible.

Taking an active part in the world by making charitable donations is something that the corporate world is embracing more and more these days. Though you may not consider it when choosing your auto insurance rate provider, selecting GEICO or another company that donates to charity makes you a part of that giving process. Six figures is a lot of money to anyone, but to the Children's National Medical Center, it can be the difference of having a new critical piece of health care equipment or another few beds to house more kids during their illness.

GEICO is committed to being not only an important part of the auto insurance world, but also a corporate link to the community. When it announced the six -figure donation to the Children's National Medical Center, it showed that it was just that. When we think of auto insurance rate quotes and the auto insurance industry in general, chances are we do not think of charitable causes. In making this donation, GEICO has done more than showing it's commitment to the care of recovering children and the medical professionals who care for them, it has shown that auto insurance is important, but not nearly as critical as the care, dedication, work and compassionate this is shown day in and day out at the Children's National Medical Center.