April 18, 2010

Finding Military Discounts On Auto Insurance Quotes

One of the noblest choices that can be made by any American, man or woman, is to serve in the military. This can be Army, Air Force, National Guard or the Reserves – all enjoy a proud history and traditions that speak to both commitment and duty. To honor both those currently serving in the armed forces, and those who have done so, many auto insurance companies offer discounts to military members, and some discount auto insurance providers were created specifically with the military in mind. These providers offer reduced auto insurance premiums as well as home insurance and investment opportunities.

The easiest way to become a member of one of these provider plans or to take advantage of a military discount through a mainstream provider is to join the military, in any form. If that is not an option, there are other ways to access the auto insurance quotes available to the military. The first is to be a family member of someone who is serving in the military. This can be a parent, child, spouse or even former spouse of a member. That connection to a member of the armed forces is often enough to grant access to the discount auto insurance offered. As well, those who have been widowed or have completed a term of service in the military are also eligible for discounts. In the case of military-specific providers, even those who have left the plan are typically able to return if they so desire.

Although auto insurance companies do offer discounts for those no longer serving, or those connected to someone who has, the biggest discounts on auto insurance premiums will always be for those who are currently engaged in active duty. Many companies feature a list of deployment zones’ and offer steep discounts to any member who is stationed there. These include places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and El Salvador. It is also possible to access the services of these companies by being an officer in training, or being a member of numerous American military organizations. Each company has its own rules and regulations, with some dedicated to providing insurance only for the military, and some allowing a broader range of possible use. It is a good idea to contact an insurance provider directly to see what, if any, military discounts they offer and how they can be accessed.

Although auto insurance companies always operate with risk as their bottom line, they do take special pains to make sure that those serving in the military do receive some benefit for the time they are investing. The discounted auto insurance premiums received by members seem a small price to pay for their service and dedication.