March 8, 2012

Getting An Auto Insurance Quote For Several Family Drivers

Shopping for family car insurance for multiple vehicles or drivers requires care and consideration. An auto insurance quote provides consumers with a wealth of information that they can use to find the best coverage rates and insurance for themselves or the whole family. When insuring multiple drivers or multiple vehicles, it's a good idea to secure an auto insurance quote or several quotes before committing to one auto insurance policy or provider.

Family car insurance is a great way to secure additional discounts and reduced coverage rates for secondary drivers and multiple vehicles. Customer loyalty benefits are one of the primary reasons why family car insurance is a good economic idea. Insurance companies want policyholders to come to their company for all their insurance needs, and they offer significant discounts to individuals who choose to insure multiple vehicles or purchase family car insurance and home insurance through the same company. Additionally, policyholders can apply for secondary discounts that reduce their premiums for having a safe driving record or using the same insurance company for several years.

One scenario where family car insurance is a financially smart decision is when families are adding a teen driver to their existing car insurance policy. By adding a teen as a secondary driver of the family minivan, they might earn a lower insurance rate than what would be offered by comparable individual coverage. In some situations, family members, spouses, children and roommates can be added to a family car insurance policy.

When applying for an auto insurance quote, some individuals discover that a family member or individual in the same household had an accident, traffic ticket, or DUI charge that makes him or her a high-risk driver. Insurance companies sometimes deny coverage to high-risk individuals even if they are part of a family car insurance policy. In these situations, a named exclusion is the best solution. However, the rules depend on local insurance laws. If individuals wish to keep traditional insurance coverage for themselves, children and other family members, they can exclude a high-risk relative from their policy, which reduces annual insurance premiums.

Insuring multiple individuals who share a vehicle or use multiple vehicles owned as a household is an excellent way to save time and money by securing coverage with one policy, one provider and one insurance bill. Most insurance companies offer discounts of 20 percent when families insure more than one vehicle. This is a great way to get full coverage at an affordable price. To get an accurate auto insurance quote, it's important for individuals to use accurate information and to be truthful. When done right, a family car insurance policy saves groups big bucks on mandatory insurance coverage.