March 7, 2012

When To Get An Auto Insurance Quote For Multiple Drivers

Car insurance gives drivers protection on the road from medical and repair bills. The United States requires drivers to have a certain minimum amount of coverage on their cars before taking to the road. People tend to get an auto insurance quote when they get a new car and then pick the best price for coverage. There are several reasons for drivers to get multiple drivers on the same policy to save a bit of money. Auto insurance coverage is more expensive when a separate policy is activated for each driver. Adding drivers to an insurance policy can provide independent coverage for each driver at lower rates than independent policies.

The first major reason that people consider adding a driver to an auto insurance quote is when they get married. Married couples or couples that live together often share cars and want to stay covered. Insurance companies typically extend coverage to spouses by default without listing both drivers. Any driver that is not listed on a policy will have an impact on the insurance rates of the other driver. Adding a spouse to the policy makes sure that they are covered but that rates do not increase for the primary driver if the secondary driver gets a ticket or is involved in a collision. This also makes it so that the spouse is fully covered in the insurance policy. Sometimes services are not fully extended to drivers that are not listed on a policy, so listing the spouse makes sure everything will be taken care of if something unexpected happens.

The second major reason that people consider adding another name to their auto insurance coverage is to protect their children when they are able to drive. Teen drivers have the highest rates because they are young and inexperienced behind the wheel. Teens are also more likely to engage in risky behavior when they are out driving. This puts them in situations that can be dangerous and costly. Adding the name of a child to the insurance policy can protect the parents from becoming financially responsible for the mistakes of their children. If a teenager gets into an accident while listed on the policy of the parents, the car and driver are protected. The accidents will not affect the price of the policyholder but it will change the price of the portion of the policy that covers the teen drivers.

Comparing auto insurance is easier online with web pages that compare prices for drivers. Insurance websites let drivers enter information like the name and age of everyone on a policy. They take that information and give drivers a quote from multiple companies. Drivers can find the best rates by comparing online.