July 5, 2009

How to Lower Your Teenager Car Insurance

Every parent looks to the day his or her teenager becomes a licensed driver with a sense of trepidation. Most parents fear for their teenager's safety but they are also concerned with the cost of insurance for their teenager. The reason insurance for teenagers between the ages of 16 to 19 is higher is because they are three times more likely to be involved in an accident then an older driver. 
There are several ways to lower teenager car insurance and when shopping with different insurance companies for cheap teenager car insurance, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Consider the type of vehicle your teenager will be driving. You should never put a teenager behind the wheel of a high performance car. They are not experienced enough to handle the vehicle and you will have a higher insurance rate. An older more conventional car is better for your teenager to start with until they become more experienced and learn how to be a safe driver. A lot of insurance companies offer good driver discounts as a way to save on insurance premiums. Another option for a lower premium on teenager car insurance is to be placed on the parent's policy as a lot of companies offer discounts for multiple policies. Another discount comes with your teen’s good grades. A good tip for lower teenager car insurance is multiple policy discounts. If you have your home, boat, motorcycle and car insurance with the same company, they will offer discounts for using the company for all your insurance needs. 
As a parent it is your responsibility to find the best teenager car insurance for your new driver. Whether that is giving them an older vehicle to drive with a higher deductible, which reduces your premium, or adding them to your policy and restricting their driving time until they become safer drivers, it is your decision. The best policy is going to be the policy that fits your needs, those of your teenager and is still affordable but able to protect you financially in the case of an accident. 
Is it possible to attain a strong policy for your teen while not breaking the bank? It is so long as you do your homework on finding the best policy for your circumstances. Check with several different companies and request auto insurance quotes, then compare them. An effective policy will provide comprehensive coverage and give you peace of mind while remaining affordable.