February 4, 2011

How Another Car Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are like most drivers, you have searched and gotten an auto insurance quote from several companies. With insurance rates seemingly always on the rise, cheap auto insurance quotes are being sought after constantly. Once you obtain auto insurance that you are satisfied with, you'd like to think it will be the best you can get for several years. But, there are some things to be aware of with any auto insurance quote.

If you make any change to your coverage, it can greatly affect the rate. Adding another car to their auto insurance policy is a big change that many people frequently make. This additional vehicle will obviously cause a change in the rate, making it rise. Don't assume that you still have the cheapest auto insurance available. You may discover that with the additional car, you can get cheaper auto insurance quotes than your current carrier provides.

There are many factors that come into play with auto insurance. Knowing about these can help you make informed decisions when you contemplate adding a vehicle to your policy. First, an additional vehicle is not automatically covered at the same rate or with the same coverage as your previous vehicles. You typically have some choices in coverage options. Depending on the intended use of the vehicle and the vehicle type and age, this may be a way to keep your insurance premiums low.

The vehicle make, model and age play the most significant roles in the premium rates. If you are contemplating purchasing a vehicle, check with your insurance carrier before buying to determine what your rate increase will be. This can help you purchase a vehicle that will be cheaper to insure.

You may be able to obtain a multi-car discount by insuring more than one vehicle. This can save a little on the overall cost of your car insurance. Keep in mind also, that the number of vehicles compared to the number of drivers can also play a factor in your auto insurance quote. If you have an equal number of drivers and vehicles, your overall cost of insurance will be more expensive because it is assumed that all the drivers will be driving all the vehicles regularly. This can cause a spike in your insurance if you have a teen driver who has previously had only limited access to a vehicle because it was shared.

If you want cheap auto insurance quotes, the best thing you can do each time you make a change in your coverage requirements is get a new auto insurance quote from several different companies. Ask for the same exact coverage from each company so you can make an accurate comparison.