February 5, 2011

How Your Driving Record Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes are determined after considering factors such as gender, age, make of your car, credit history, car mileage, among others. However, another key factor in calculating your risk factor would be your driving record. The insurance company will determine how much of a risk you pose for cashing in on the insurance policy, depending on your past driving record. Therefore, a clean and flawless driving record will help you find a significantly cheap online auto insurance quote.

Your driving record information is maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles of your state. This covers all details regarding moving violations, car accidents, and vehicular criminal convictions along with other pertinent information. Typically, a point system is employed in order to quantify all the infractions stated on your record.

One of the most common traffic violations affecting auto insurance quotes would be speeding. Speeding as its name suggests is driving faster than the posted limit. Reckless driving on the other hand covers a large set of traffic violations, speeding included. Aggressive driving includes weaving in traffic, changing lanes, tailgating, or road rage exhibited through honking horns, flashing headlights, and making obscene gestures. Reckless driving can not only increase your online insurance quote but it can get your policy even canceled. Topping the list of moving violations that affect auto insurance rates would be a DUI offense. If driving under the influence you hit someone or caused a wreck, an increase in your car insurance rate would be the least of your concerns. However, if your DUI resulted in just an arrest and a ticket, expect a dramatic impact in your auto insurance rate.

Your driving record will be revisited every time you choose to renew your policy and your insurance premium will be adjusted to reflect your recent driving history. Therefore, a single accident or violation may increase your insurance rate in the short run but long term, will not affect it much. Frequent incidents however will definitely raise a red flag and may result with a huge increase in your premium.

With a clean driving record, you can qualify for good driver discounts. A violation however can disqualify you to obtain future discounts. Depending on your state regulations, you can attend traffic school to remove minor violations from your record.

If you make it a habit to drive unlawfully and unsafely, you will definitely pay more for insurance. You may not be able to do anything about your gender and age but you can have complete control on your driving record. Pay close attention to the road and do not take foolish chances when behind the wheel and look for online auto insurance quotes to save money.