August 23, 2010

How Auto Insurance Quotes Provide Special Discounts For New Drivers

New drivers are automatically treated as high risks by auto insurance companies, and unfortunately, this usually means high auto insurance quotes. Insurers are simply going by statistics; new drivers are much more likely to be involved with a car insurance claim, and they're charged more as a result. However, new drivers can often bring down their quotes significantly by using a few smart shopping techniques and by comparing as many auto insurance quotes as possible.

Gathering quotes is especially important for new drivers, because quotes vary greatly from one insurance company to the next. For newer drivers, these variations can be extreme. Depending on the amount of coverage that a new driver needs, rates can shoot up or down by 50 percent, depending on the insurer that the driver chooses. Of course, if the driver buys the first auto insurance quote that he or she sees, there's a much lower chance that the driver will find one of the better rates out there. Looking at several insurance quotes also gives new drivers a valuable negotiation tool. By referencing a competitors' quote, new drivers can talk their agents into better policies with good coverage and low rates.

New drivers are usually young drivers, and getting a few auto insurance quotes will also teach the driver about the way that auto insurance works. This can make it easier to find low rates with good coverage later in life. Reading each policy carefully is also a good way to find out about the various discounts offered by car insurance companies. Many auto insurance quotes will mention good student discounts, for instance, which give young drivers with good grades in high school and college an easy way to reduce their rates. Other discounts are sometimes listed in the initial quotes provided by auto insurance companies. New drivers that don't take the time to read quotes will miss out on these great discounts. Using these discounts can help drivers avoid riskier alternatives, such as dropping coverage. Good car insurance coverage is very important for young and new drivers, and by comparing rates early and often, it's always possible to stay safe on the road.

No driver should overpay for car insurance, but as new drivers are often paying the most, they should be especially concerned with finding a low car insurance rate. Gathering quotes is the fastest and most effective way to keep rates low, even for drivers who haven't built up a lot of experience yet, and the right auto insurance quotes can be a valuable tool.