August 22, 2010

How Defensive Driving Courses Can Lower Auto Insurance Quotes

One of the most practical and effective ways to find affordable auto insurance quotes while reducing your risk of getting into a vehicular accident is by completing a defensive driving course. Defensive driving programs are very useful and relevant because they teach drivers how to improve on their skills, which will come in handy when out on the road.

Insurance companies use defensive driving classes to modify auto insurance quotes for adult and teenage drivers. The apparent reason behind it is that such courses contribute to the statistical decrease of accident rates for drivers who have taken the program, be it an adult or teenager. Because all insurance companies attempt to measure a policyholder's risk and because defensive driving courses lower the driver's risk of getting into an accident, insurers will reward drivers for their efforts by offering discounts on their rates or premiums.

If you focus on the benefits of enrolling in such courses, particularly getting to avoid road accidents and having to file for an insurance claim, it is clear how defense driving courses are valuable to both the insurance company and the driver. It's a win-win situation for both parties. In addition, most insurance companies are now beginning to offer insurance rate discounts for teenage drivers who have completed and passed their defensive driving courses.

Not all car insurance companies, however, offer a discount for those who have taken defensive driving courses. So it is best to contact your insurer before signing up for a program, especially if it is your primary goal to save money on insurance. Your insurance company may recommend specific schools and classes for you to qualify for the insurance discounts.

You may also check with school districts as some of them have partnered with local driving schools to offer special courses in defensive driving.

Also available are online defensive driving classes. If you go online, there is a growing number of websites that are now offering a virtual version of defensive driving instruction. To take the class, you will have to sit through about six hours of instructional web pages and videos. Once again, before signing up, contact your insurer first regarding the validity of such classes.

Whether you choose the conventional or online form of instruction, you will receive a certificate stating your completion of the course. You must then mail a copy of this certificate to your car insurance provider for processing, after which you will receive a discount on your car insurance rates.

So, if you want to improve on your driving skills and let your insurer see you in the most positive light, enroll in a defense driving course and enjoy savings on your car insurance rates.