August 21, 2010

How To Locate Auto Insurance Quotes For Automobile Fleets

Business owners and decision makers have crucial decisions to make. Many of those decisions affect employees' well-being and the company's bottom line. One such decision is obtaining the right auto insurance quotes. Businesses with automobile fleets must weigh the needs of the company with the possibility of personal injury. Obtaining the best auto insurance quotes for automobile fleets involves understanding what insurance companies want and making insurance company mandates a part of daily business.

Search the Internet. The initial research for commercial or fleet insurance should begin online. This allows the user to get some basic information on several companies to gain an overview of services offered. It is important to perform a thorough search of three to four companies and get auto insurance quotes from each one. If specific information is not available online, find the number and call the insurance company to speak to a representative. This is also a good time to begin to review the level of customer service.

Get the best price. The low cost leader may not be the best solution for all organizations. The fees associated with taking coverage from $500,000 to $1,000,000 may be minimal while providing significantly more coverage. Automobile fleets insurance are not all created equal. The number of cars, where the cars are parked and the driving records of listed drivers are all factors that will affect the auto insurance quotes. Insurance companies will charge higher rates where automobile fleets are parked together. Drivers with derogatory driving records will also drive rates up. When looking for quotes, knowing your company's status in these areas will save time in finding the right auto insurance quotes.

Use an auto insurance broker. Brokers work well in situations where time and resources are limited. In this situation, companies have access to experienced professionals who know what questions to ask the insurance companies, as well as the questions that companies should ask themselves. Be careful to vet the broker and determine that he or she has no financial ties to insurance companies for referrals.

Determine the insurance company's track record. Auto insurance quotes should include more than a number. The company should be able to provide access to current customers as well as an overview of its history with automobile fleets. Contact organizations that provide credit standings for companies to determine if the company is legitimate.

Locating automobile insurance quotes for automobile fleets involves a few crucial steps. Know what insurance companies consider high and low risk. Use a broker when time and resources are limited. Perform checks on companies to determine the history as businesses with automobile fleets. These steps are simple, but failure to follow them may lead to a frustrating process.