June 22, 2010

How Driving Experience Impacts The Cost Of Auto Insurance

While you're getting an auto insurance quote, there are several factors that will affect your rate. Obviously, the limits you set and the coverage you select will be the main deciding factors. Once you have a quote, you can begin applying various discounts against the original rate, which may include driving experience.

If you're an older driver, you'll receive a discount compared to a driver in the sixteen to twenty-five year group. That's because you're more mature and more likely to not drive recklessly or while under the influence. If you're married, you'll receive another auto insurance quote discount because married folks are more stable and statistics show they have fewer accidents.

Another intangible for which you'll receive a discount is your driving experience. Although you won't find a place on your insurance application to enter the number of years you've been driving, there are ways to get a discount for your experience. One of them is age, as mentioned before. Your rates will continue to decrease as you reach various milestones in your life such as your 30th and 40th birthdays. This is due to the combination of your maturity and your extra experience. The fact that you've been driving longer means you've been in more situations that required applying your knowledge as a driver. When confronted with similar situations, you know how to react.

Your insurance company will reward you for taking driver safety classes. These classes bolster your skills and keep driving laws up to date in your mind. Advanced driving courses include lessons on dealing with difficult driving conditions like icy roads, heavy rain, and driving at night. Hands-on experience in these extreme situations will increase your confidence if they arise in the future. A course can also strengthen your defensive driving skills so you can avoid a collision if one comes looking for you.

The most obvious way a new driver can get reduced rates from their insurance company is to stay out of trouble. If you avoid traffic tickets or accidents during your first three years of driving, you'll receive a discount for the experience you've acquired. Insurance companies know that the first three years are the most dangerous for a new driver, due to their lack of experience. That's why they'll discount your policy for a good driving record or any extra experience you can get, like lessons or defensive driving courses.

As with anything, the more you practice driving, the better you'll drive. The better you drive, the less your insurance will cost because you're less likely to have an accident. Your insurance company bases their rates on driving statistics. If you prove to be a less risky driver to insure, they'll reward you with a discount.