June 23, 2010

Two Common Discounts Offered To New Drivers For Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be particularly expensive for those who have just gotten their license and have little driving experience, but some discounts are available that can make auto insurance for new drivers more affordable. Safety is a primary concern for new drivers with little experience on the road, and those who demonstrate safe practices can benefit from new driver discounts on their auto insurance policies. Auto insurance companies offer a variety of discounts, which you can discover and compare through auto insurance quotes. Two common types of discounts offered to new drivers are the good student discount and the discount for participation in driver's education programs.

Students with good grades can be eligible for good student discounts, which often require students to maintain a certain minimum grade point average. Students may be required to submit proof of enrollment and/or grades to the auto insurance company. Students can then benefit from proven diligence in their studies when car insurance companies acknowledge that this diligence could also result in drivers with added carefulness and driving law familiarity and obedience and reward them with a good student discount. Once this discount is established, it is also important for students to maintain their good grades in order to continue receiving a good student discount on their auto insurance policy.

When insuring their vehicles, new drivers can also qualify for discounted rates by taking driver education courses or completing safe driving programs. Completing training in driver's safety can result in new driver discounts on auto insurance policies. Insurance companies may acknowledge or recommend specific driver's education courses or a combination of education courses. In this way, the extra preparation driver's education students receive to prepare them for the road can also qualify them for auto insurance discounts. Carefully consider the requirements for a discount for participation in driver's education programs, and be prepared to provide certificates of completion of driving courses in order to demonstrate eligibility to receive this discount from an auto insurance company.

Before selecting an auto insurance provider, new drivers should be aware of the possibilities for discounts as they explore their options through auto insurance quotes. New drivers who are good students and/or have completed driver's education programs can further benefit from their responsibility and safety knowledge in the form of new driver discounts on auto insurance policies. The responsibility demonstrated by good student performance in general can transfer to their habits on the road. Additional participation in driver's education programs can increase participants' awareness of driving regulations and safety. New drivers should make the effort to qualify for and take advantage of two common discount types, the good student discount and the discount for participation in driver's education programs.