March 27, 2011

How To Ask Auto Insurance Companies For Lower Rates

Buying a car can be a frightening endeavor, but more frightening than the purchase of a new vehicle is the procuring of auto insurance. This seems to be the case even when you have had a car for a while, have driven for years, and have dealt with auto insurance companies in the past. The issue that always arises when you are looking for an insurance policy is the search for lower rates than you currently have. Most people don't know whether or not they are paying too much and, on the same note, don't know how to go about getting lower rates or what exactly constitutes a rate reduction. The best way of going about asking auto insurance companies for lower rates is by doing a little bit of background research first and then providing them with certain information.

There are a number of factors that contribute to high and low rates all the same. It would benefit you to know exactly what can qualify you to lower your rates so that when you decide to ask your insurance company, or another/new one, you will likely not be turned down. One of those factors concerns traffic violations. Speeding tickets, reckless driving, and practically any ticket an officer gives you while you are operating your vehicle can send your insurance rates soaring. But on the same token, if you had tickets and points on your license in the past, but have since had then expunged, you qualify for a reduction in your rates because you are no longer a high risk to the insurance companies.

Another factor could be your age. If you are below the age of 25 when you get your insurance policy, chances are that your rate will be high. But if you have since turned 26, you are eligible for a discounted rate. The same goes for any schooling that you are currently doing. If you are in college and receive good grades and maintain a high GPA, you can have access to lower rates. Marriage is also a factor that's taken into consideration by auto insurance companies. Being single when you purchase a policy usually adds a bit to your insurance rates because statistically, single people are at a higher risk of accidents because they have less to lose. Getting married and/or having children can lower your rates because it proves to the insurance companies that you are responsible and have much to lose.

Make sure you thoroughly review all of the factors that can result in lower rates, as well as gather quotes from several different companies. Showing this to an insurance company can help in lowering your insurance rates.