November 17, 2010

How To Find Affordable Short Term Auto Insurance

Short term auto insurance has many benefits. It covers a person on a daily basis. It can also be purchased in three-month and six-month increments. One place to find a policy is through a search for auto insurance online. Coverage with a short-term auto insurance policy serves travelers, families with college students, and out-of-town guests. It is also common for these policies to be much less expensive than adding a person to a long-term policy.

A person renting a car or borrowing a car will still need protection in case of an accident. It can be costly and time-consuming to add another person to an existing long-term insurance policy. If a family member or friend is only in town for a couple of days, but needs to use a car regularly, short-term auto insurance is an inexpensive way to cover them and the car. A short-term policy is also useful for driving a new car away from the lot. Also, taking out a separate short-term policy will keep any accidents from increasing the premiums on a traditional policy.

Once a person knows they will need short-term auto insurance there are a few things to have on hand when comparing prices. The first thing one will need is a driver's license. A licensed driver will need to find a car to borrow. After securing a vehicle, the person should have the name and address of the car owner. The owner's insurance information is also essential to obtaining an accurate quote and to getting a short-term policy.

One way to begin to find insurance is by looking for auto insurance online. In order to do so, one will need to have basic internet research skills. There are several places on the internet to get quotes from multiple providers. There are some companies that specialize in short-term insurance. However, people may be able to get short-term coverage through their current auto insurance provider. It is a good idea to look for reputable companies. These may be companies with very familiar names.

When traveling, getting a new car, or sharing a car with friends or family, a short-term auto insurance policy could be very useful. It is less expensive than adding someone to a traditional policy. Also, it can be purchased in varying increments. Some of those increments are daily, weekly, monthly, three-month, and six-month. Checking with an existing insurance carrier for a short-term policy can be a good place to start. After that, the internet offers plenty of information and offers places to obtain quotes. A company will want to retain an existing client and may, therefore, offer a very reasonable price.