September 1, 2010

How To Find Auto Insurance Quotes For Solar Powered Vehicles

With the direction that technology is taking, it won't be long before all drivers have access to solar powered vehicles. Vehicles powered by the rays of the sun would save people money on gas and perhaps insurance as well. Obtaining auto insurance quotes for these types of vehicles may offer substantial savings for many reasons.

Auto insurance rates are determined by taking many factors into consideration. The driving record of the individual is one of the largest factors influencing premiums. A driver with many traffic violations, DUIs, or accidents will pay a higher rate than a driver with a clean record. As well, younger drivers who have just obtained their license will pay more because they do not have the driving experience that an older person may have. These factors mean that these drivers are at higher risk of getting into an accident or filing a claim with an insurance company. Premiums may also be affected by gender, marital status, and area of residence.

There are other factors to consider as well. The type of vehicle can play a huge part in insurance rates. Some vehicles cost more to repair, some are stolen more, and some are more likely to become involved in accidents. Solar powered vehicles may be the answer for some drivers who are looking to reduce their insurance premiums. These vehicles are supposed to be less expensive to repair and maintain. This means that there should be less chance of getting into accidents or filing claims for certain damages. These vehicles can save money not only on insurance, but also because they rely on the sun to run and not gas. Gas is one of the highest expenses relating to cars, besides insurance.

Many insurance companies offer discounts if a vehicle possesses certain aspects, such as anti-theft devices and eco-friendly features. Once solar powered cars are available to consumers, it would be expected that this would impact the insurance premiums as well. These vehicles are less likely to harm the environment than the vehicles that run on gas or diesel.

The best way to insure a solar powered car is to obtain auto insurance quotes from several sources and compare them. Make sure that you compare the exact coverages and ask what deductible options are available. Because solar powered vehicles are so new, not many companies may offer insurance at all. Check into the coverages that are available as well. In most states, liability insurance is mandatory but other coverages, such as collision and comprehensive are optional. Decide which coverages you need and request a quote from a few different companies. This way, you can ensure that you receive the best rate for the coverages that you need.