September 2, 2010

How To Locate An Auto Insurance Quote For An Eco Friendly Vehicle

There are many benefits to driving an eco friendly vehicle. You're using less gas, which helps you save at the pump. You're also not emitting as many pollutants into the environment, and you're doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. You might even be able to get tax incentives or special discounts on your eco friendly vehicle. However, the best part of driving an ecologically safe car might be the money that drivers save when looking for an auto insurance quote. Quotes can be much lower for many eco friendly vehicles for a few important reasons.

First of all, an eco friendly vehicles tends to be safer than sports cars and or similar-sized vehicles. Insurance companies decide rates based on a number of safety factors, including the vehicle safety ratings of various models of cars and trucks. Eco friendly vehicles like the Prius often score well in safety tests, which improves the auto insurance quotes that their owners are offered. In general, eco friendly vehicles are driven in a more safe and cautious manner than other types of new cars, which can provide a further reduction in an eco friendly vehicle driver's auto insurance quote. Many ecologically conscious vehicles have lower-than-average horsepower, which may sound like a bad thing, but from an insurance company's perspective it means fewer serious accidents. Again, this is a major plus for the insurance rates of eco friendly drivers.

Some insurance companies even go so far as to offer a special "green" discount to customers that drive vehicles with a low MPG. While these discounts aren't available from all insurance companies, they speak volumes about the relative safety of these "green" vehicles. The green discounts can be applied along with other discounts that eco friendly cars often receive, for instance side airbag discounts or discounts for other safety and anti-theft features.

If you're looking for a low auto insurance quote for an eco friendly vehicle, it pays to take the time to look around. Try to find an insurance company that offers special rates for green cars, and use online aggregate websites to find the best rate possible for the coverage that your vehicle needs. Remember to look into insurance discounts where possible, and feel free to actually call the insurance company to speak to an agent. This is the best way to make sure that you're not only getting a good rate for your insurance policy, but the best possible premiums. Eco friendly vehicles are safer, both for their drivers and for the environment, and their owners should take advantage of the great insurance quotes offered to them.