December 17, 2010

How To Obtain A Replacement Copy Of An Auto Insurance Card

When you purchase auto insurance online, your auto insurance card is available for printing at the time of the transaction, or perhaps it is mailed to you. The same is true when you buy an auto insurance policy through a broker or agent. It is advisable to always keep a copy of your auto insurance card in your glove box or wallet in the event of a car accident or traffic stop. In fact, many states require that you carry and present such proof of insurance, and you may be ticketed and fined for failing to do so. Sometimes paperwork gets lost or destroyed, and it is necessary to replace important documents. If you have misplaced your auto insurance card, then how to you go about obtaining a replacement copy?

Auto Insurance Online

If you bought your auto insurance online then there should be a procedure for obtaining a replacement copy through the insurer's website. You may be required to supply personal information, your policy number and an email address for electronic correspondence and verification purposes. Once you have managed to log on to the insurer's website, then there should be an option available for requesting a replacement copy of your insurance card. Ideally, your insurer will allow you to print replacement copies. If not, then there should be an option for having a new auto insurance card mailed to you.

Traditional Insurance Broker or Agent

When you purchase an auto insurance policy from a traditional insurance broker or agent, you should be provided with auto insurance cards either in person or via mail. In order to obtain a replacement copy you should be able to call your broker or agent and request that the replacement copy be mailed or faxed. If it is convenient, then you may wish to go down and pick up a copy from their office.

Call Your Auto Insurance Company Directly

In the event that you do not have access to the Internet or if it is not possible to reach your broker or agent, then you should be able to contact your auto insurance company directly in order to obtain a replacement insurance card. Most major insurance companies provide a 1-800 customer service line, as well as an automated system or 24-hour customer service able to assist you.

If you are in need of a car insurance replacement card, then do not put off obtaining it any longer than necessary. Contact your auto insurance online, on the phone, or via the US postal service in order to request your new card. You should never be charged for a replacement card, and your insurer should respond to your request promptly.