December 19, 2010

Three Tips For Handling An Angry Driver After An Accident Happens

Handling an angry driver immediately after an automobile accident is never an easy task. The other driver could be frustrated from the accident itself or simply because the time it will take out of their daily life to eventually obtain an auto insurance quote for the damages their car has acquired. Use these tips in the event that you are ever dealing with an angry person after a automobile collision.

Stay Calm and Listen

Getting angry yourself will not make the other driver any less upset. In fact, it could end up making the driver even more enraged than before. Try staying calm and collected throughout your entire acquaintance and do not say or do anything that make provoke even more of a temper. It is possible that the driver may have already been having a bad day and the accident itself is now a way to vent all his frustrations. This is not to say that any sort of blame should be taken or acknowledged, but taking the few minutes of time to understand what the other driver is saying and being calm could end up cooling him off a bit.

Be Prepared

As mentioned before, the anger could be a result to time restraints. Perhaps he has a very important meeting to attend or needs to pick up children from school. Regardless of why the other driver is angry, be prepared to exchange information quickly and efficiently. It is possible that once the other driver sees you trying to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible, he may want to try helping the situation also and in doing so, calm down.

Contact Law Enforcement

Some states require that a police report be filed after a traffic accident while others do not. In the case that law enforcement is already on their way, continue to keep calm about the current situation and follow proper procedures to exchange information. However, if the police have not been notified or its not essential to do so and the other driver gets violent or you do not feel safe, contact the police immediately. If you are unable to make the call, ask a witness at the scene to do so immediately and stay as far away as possible from the other driver. While waiting for the police, you can take the time to call your insurance company to discuss the damages and receiving a auto insurance quote to fix them.

There is no foolproof way of thwarting a angry driver after an accident. Keep in mind that all three tips could be used and the driver may still be upset.