January 2, 2011

How To Secure New Auto Insurance Coverage For Additional Cars

You have several options when looking for auto insurance coverage for additional new cars. You can begin by talking to your car insurance agent who handles your existing vehicle to find out what kind of coverage your existing company can offer. You can also research different coverage options through several insurance companies using an online quote site or calling insurance agents directly. In many cases, additional cars are less expensive to insure if you use the same company for all of the cars that you own. The only time it can save you money to insure your cars using different companies is if the cars are substantially different or unique.

Using the Same Insurance Company

Every vehicle is required to carry at least the minimum liability coverage that your state has mandated. Before you can register a new vehicle, you have to be able to prove that it has been insured. The fastest way to find the insurance you need is to add the new vehicle to your existing account. In many cases, auto insurance coverage is less expensive when you add additional cars to an existing policy because the agency offers special discounts for customers with multiple vehicles. The discounts that your existing company offers may offset any potential savings you would experience through a different insurance company. The process of insuring your new car is also easier when you use your existing company because you do not have to deal with all of the paperwork of becoming a new customer with anyone else.

Finding a New Quote for Specific Vehicles

Just because it is easier to use your existing insurance company for your additional cars does not mean it is the best financial decision you can make. It is in your best interest to take some time to track down quotes for all of your vehicles before you sign up for a new policy. You may find that different insurance companies can offer better deals if you have more than one vehicle. It may also be less expensive to insure your new car through a different company if the new car is a vintage model or is substantially different than your existing car. If you need to purchase specialized insurance for the new car, you should look at all of your options first.

Online or in Person

Different people prefer different methods of shopping for car insurance. You can use an online portal that allows you to receive several insurance quotes at once, or you can contact separate insurance agents by phoning or visiting a local office. If you prefer to have someone walk you through the insurance process, you will probably like contacting an agent directly.