July 20, 2010

How Young Children Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes are relatively unaffected by the fact that you have young children. The biggest difference you will find is between people who are married and people who are not married. Unmarried individuals will pay more for their insurance on average than married people do. The impact that young children will have on your insurance quotes depends on the insurance company’s policies more than anything else. Some insurers will feel that having a family makes you a safer driver, while others will worry that having children in the car will distract you and cause you to drive more recklessly.

Having a Family Makes a Difference.

In general, auto insurance quotes for people with young children are lower than quotes for people who do not have young children. The insurance company is interested in lifestyle factors that create stable, responsible drivers. Most parents tend to be more careful when they are driving their children around town with them than when they are driving alone. People who regularly transport young children also tend to drive vehicles that are considered low risk for accidents by insurance companies. Mini vans and station wagons are some of the least expensive vehicles to cover, which makes it easier to find an affordable auto insurance quote for a family-friendly vehicle.

Young Children as Passengers

Some insurance companies may feel that having young children as passengers is more of a risk, however, which could make their rates more expensive. Children tend to talk, sing, laugh, and scream while they are riding in a car. A parent can be very distracted while dealing with the needs of a young child, which can turn their attention away from driving safely. It is important to shop around and look at different insurance companies because each insurer will have a different policy regarding the impact of small children on auto insurance quotes.

Children who are Driving Age

If you have children who are old enough to drive, they can have a much more dramatic impact on your auto insurance quotes. You must add everyone who can drive to your insurance policy, whether they own a car or not. That will lead to higher rates for you, especially if your teenager is a male. There are some ways to reduce the expense of having a teenager on your policy. Make sure your teen attends an accredited driving school and passes his or her driving test with a high score. It is also helpful if the teenager has consistently good grades in school. If your teen does not drive very often and does not own a car you may be offered a lower rate for your insurance coverage as well.