March 17, 2012

Important Sections To Read In A Standard Auto Insurance Quote

No matter where one lives in the United States, they are required to carry auto insurance if they plan on operating a vehicle. Although auto insurance is a state mandated and state run program, the same general rules of insurance apply across the line. Each state, however, chooses what the minimum requirements will be for each driver and what type of insurance each driver is allowed to carry. Factors such as driving history, age, car model, and car year are all considered when determining the type of coverage one should have. But while most people look at an auto insurance quote to ensure that it both reaches state requirements and is affordable, there are other sections that are extremely important to read before signing. The car insurance deductible is just one section in an auto insurance quote that drivers should look at; there are others, however.

First, make sure to know what type of auto insurance is listed on the quote. Insurance types range from liability all the way up to full coverage plus add-ons. There are some states that require a driver only have liability, but it's important to check not only with the insurance agent but with state law officials as well. There is a huge difference between driving with liability coverage and full coverage, so it is best to know what one is getting from the beginning.

The car insurance deductible is another section that must be reviewed prior to signing. The fact is that many people will sign for a policy only having seen the coverage type and price on a quote. However, the car insurance deductible is an important and sometimes expensive part of a policy. The deductible is the amount the driver is responsible to pay in case there is an accident. The lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium will be. The opposite is true of higher deductibles. Typically, deductibles start at $250 and can go up to $1,000 or more. That means that the driver must pay $1,000 out of their own pocket before the insurance company will begin paying out claims. Deciding how much of a deductible to put is up to the discretion of the driver.

Other important sections include uninsured motorist amounts and bodily injury amount. The uninsured motorist coverage will cover the driver in case they get into an accident with someone who is not insured and who also caused the accident. Bodily injury refers to any injury caused by the accident that the insurance company covers. Even if one has health insurance, this could come in handy.

Read through all sections of an auto insurance quote, specifically these sections, before moving forward.