May 25, 2012

Maintaining The Value Of A New Car

As drivers across the country face rising insurance costs and fluctuating automobile prices, consumers recognize the need to maintain a car’s value for as long as possible. A properly cared for automobile will reap rewards in higher resale values and lower online car insurance prices.

Appearance of the car

Dents, scrapes, and other blemishes can severely reduce the value of a new car. Drivers should beware dangers both on and off the road to protect its appearance. When looking for a parking space, choose defensively. Leave empty spaces next to the car to reduce the likelihood that another careless person may open a car door into your car’s side, making a scratch. Drive conservatively to avoid fender benders with less responsible drivers. Steer clear of erratic, aggressive drivers on the road. With rising insurance costs, an accident could inflict simultaneous harm on your car and your paycheck.

The inside of the car may be just as important as the outside. Smoking, eating fragrant foods, and wearing sweaty gym clothes can leave lasting odors in the upholstery of a new car. To avoid these, change out of sweaty clothes after a workout before driving home. If you or your passengers must eat or smoke while on a trip, roll down the windows to reduce the damage. Beware of spills, too. Food stains can decrease the value of the car you just bought. Keep a roll of paper towels and a small trash bag hidden in your car. You can pull out what you need if someone brings food or messy wrappers on a long ride and thereby prevent any in-car accidents before they happen.


Basic attention to the car’s maintenance works wonders in extending the life and value of a new car. Check the oil and coolant levels in your car when you stop to fill it with gas. By getting in this habit, you’ll know when the engine fluids start to get low before they can do any internal damage to the car’s performance. Check the tire pressure on occasion as well. Catching problems like low oil or tire pressure early can prevent expensive repairs down the line, and even reduce online car insurance bills.

When driving, be aware of stop signs, red lights, and busy intersections. Stopping suddenly or making sharp turns can wear down the brake pads and alignment. Avoid bumpy roads to extend the life of the strut assembly.

Maintaining a new car’s value isn’t difficult if you’re observant and responsible. By catching problems early and preventing spills and dents, you can keep the resale value of your car high while keeping the car insurance rate low.